GiL’s multipurpose filters are designed for unfired pressure vessels. Filter vessels can be fabricated for carbon steel, stainless steel, monel, copper nickel or aluminum. These vessels are designed for working pressures up to 100 psi, or more if desirable, and at any required flow capacity. They also comply with the United States Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping Standards.

The multipurpose filters can be supplied in a duplex configuration, with a manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic activated valving. This design allows you continuous on-line service and reduced maintenance. Filters are available with or without electric heaters and steam heat, insulation and thermostatic controls. The electric heaters will match your voltages with controls, at full or reduced voltage.

Relief Valves are available and would be set to open at 18 to 20 psi pressure differential.

GiL’s filters have multiple designed standpipes to accommodate a wide variety of filtering media. The selection of the proper element for specific application depends upon your micronic selectivity and flow requirements. The normal micron range of filter cartridges is 1 to 30 micron. Some applications would require a Discpac, Cellulose or Fullers earth filtering media.


Hydraulic Oils

Full Flow Aviation Fuels

Diesel Fuels

Fuel Oils



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